Petrol vs Diesel – What should you buy?

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Choosing between petrol and diesel is becoming more and more difficult these days. Diesel engine cars are no longer noisy or billow out plumes of smoke every time they pull off from a set of lights. They aren't even down on power compared to their petrol counterparts any more.

Petrol vs Diesel Pros and Cons

Diesels also tend to be more fuel efficient, both in city driving situations as well as in long distance mile-munching mode. The final positive for diesel right now is that as of 4 February 2015, diesel should be cheaper in most places than petrol per litre (prices vary depending on the fuel station). Current prices are R9.90 for unleaded 95 at the coast and 10.09 for inland regions. It’s not all positive for diesel cars however as the technology costs more and that makes the cars more expensive to buy. The debate goes on as diesel cars will incur less CO2 tax and are now able to run similar distances between services to petrol cars. So which should you buy? We’ve compiled a few head-to-heads of popular cars bought in SA over the life of the service plan. This should be able to give us some idea of which is the better form of propulsion. The general consensus seems to be that if you want to buy a regular sedan or hatchback then you're best off going the petrol route, even after 100 000 km it still makes monetary sense to own a petrol car. If you want a SUV however, the base prices are much closer between petrol and diesel. That means it's better to own a diesel SUV. Take a look at this Petrol vs Diesel infographic to make an informed buying decision.

Petrol vs Diesel - What should you buy?