Petrol Price Update For Nov/Dec 2019

Petrol Price

The petrol price is likely to increase in the next few weeks, while motorists driving diesel vehicles should feel some relief.

The Automobile Association has released its predictions for the next round of increases/decreases after the mid-month fuel price data was released. 

Things are not looking good for petrol, with a predicted increase of 11 cents a litre for 95 octane petrol, and a 7-cent rise for 93 octane petrol. On the other hand, there's some good news for diesel as there should a decrease by as much as 18 cents. 

"The average Rand/US dollar exchange rate has been essentially flat, contributing a small decrease of about 3.5 cents to fuel prices as it maintains a level around R14.90 to the dollar. The picture for oil is similar, with the international prices of both petrol and diesel having run neck-and-neck for several days last week," the Automobile Association notes. These increases will hurt many who will be conducting longer journeys over the December 2019 holidays.

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