Pagani Imola is Most Potent Huayra


Power of the Italian supercar edges beyond 600 kW. 

Pagani has revealed the most powerful version of its Huayra supercar.

The low-volume Italian manufacturer has named the new car ‘Imola’, after the famous race track.

Although Imola uses the Huayra platform, it features significant upgrades. Unlike the Huayra, which is a roadster, Pagani’s Imola features a fixed-roof structure.

Honed with hundreds of laps around the Imola circuit, Pagani’s latest supercar is powered by an AMG supplied twin-turbocharged 6-litre V12.

The Mercedes-Benz engine is good for 608 kW and 1 100 Nm, making this the most potent Pagani yet.

A combination of titanium and carbon-fibre structure delivers a car which weighs just 1 246 kg.

Although performance figures have not been confirmed, there is no doubt that the Imola is a very rapid car. The previously quickest Huayra (Pagani’s BC Roadster) was capable of 0-100 kph in a touch under 3 seconds and a top speed of 383 kph. Being lighter and more powerful, the Imola should improve on those statistics.

Pagani’s Imola also features a sophisticated aerodynamics package, with a roof-mounted scoop and combination of large wing/diffuser combination at the rear. In partnership with the car’s flat underside, the surface aerodynamic details generate massive amounts of downforce as speeds increase.

Pagani will only be building five Imolas, with each one priced at an estimated R80m.

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