Open-top high performance McLaren 650S Spider Shows Up In Geneva

McLaren 650S Spider 1

Revealed just before the Geneva Motor Show, the McLaren 650S debuted alongside its convertible version sibling the 650S Spider which offers the same performance, handling and driver enjoyment, with the addition of a two-piece retractable hard top.

Engine specifications

The McLaren 650S Spider is identical to the 650S Coupe and is fitted with the unique McLaren M838T twin turbo V8 3.8-litre engine delivering 478 kW and 678 Nm torque. Just like the coupe, it needs 3 seconds to complete the 0-100 km/h sprint while the 0-200 km/h run is accomplished in 8.6 seconds, making it 0.2s slower than the 650S.

Fuel consumption and emissions remain the same for the 650S Spider, returning 11.7-litres/100km on the EU combined cycle and 275 g/km.

Two-piece Retractable Hard Top

The difference in weight comes from the addition of a retractable hard top together with its roof mechanism. Thanks to the carbon fibre chassis, no added bracing is required to firm-up the Spider’s structure. Adding 40 kg to the overall dry weight, the 650S Spider is a light 1370 kg.

Operating the two-piece top can be done at speeds of up to 30 km/h and the automatic process takes less than 17 seconds.

As with the 12C Spider, the 650S Spider uses a heated glass rear window that works independently of the roof and when the top is down it acts as a wind deflector reducing cabin buffeting. When the roof is up the rear screen can be lowered to allow more engine noise.

McLaren is said to start deliveries of the two 650S models later this spring.

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