Opel Vivaro Van Wins Fuel-Saving Marathon

Opel Vivaro

The Opel Vivaro has won the title of “economy champ 2009” in the van category of the British Fleetworld magazine’s fuel-saving marathon. The successful Vauxhall Vivaro from the UK is technically identical to the Opel Vivaro in Europe. With an equivalent of 5.1 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km, the Vivaro also beat the model’s economical regular average consumption of 7.8 liters by a good third on a 580-kilometer test drive through central England. In doing so, it left all the other competitors in its category behind.

Opel Vivaro put to the test

The fuel-saving characteristics of the Opel Vivaro van with short wheelbase and 2.0 CDTI (84 kW/114 hp) turbo-diesel engine were put to the test during the challenge. The British fleet magazine Fleetworld holds the fuel-saving marathon annually and a total of ten vans from different manufacturers took part in this year’s contest.