Opel Corsa stickers supports World Cup

Opel Corsa World Cup

Opel Corsa owners in Europe can now kit out their Corsa's with the designs of their favourite team. With stickers including the flags of: Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, England, Italy, Netherlands, France and Switzerland. What makes these stickers really work is that they are easy to apply and easy to remove. Also with them being custom made for the Opel Corsa, they fit on perfectly with the exact dimensions of the car to ensure they look stylish and classy.

Opel Corsa looks better in stickers

Covering your car with branding or stickers can often look tacky or even a bit like your car is ready to hit the track on a race day. But with these custom designed stickers from Opel they remain minimalistic and subtle. The stickers sell for 149 Euros in Germany which is quite a heavy price but either way, they look really good and it's nice to see the car makers getting behind the world cup and the supporters.