Opel Corsa Utility Review - The 250 000km Trooper!

This is not your normal car video review as Ciro De Siena gets to grips with an Opel Corsa bakkie with 250 000km on the clock. 

This is probably one of our favourite cars that we've ever reviewed. It's actually the Cars.co.za video department's crew vehicle, and belongs to one of our cameramen. The reason Ciro chose to review it is, he drove it for the first time recently and was blown away by how solid the little bakkie felt, even though it had just clocked 250 000km. In this video Ciro takes us through the history of the Opel Corsa Utility, why it came to be so well-loved by South Africans, and he makes an impassioned plea for Opel to bring it back.

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