Opel Adam: All You Need to Know (Video)

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In this video we’ll save you the hassle of driving to an Opel dealership with a detailed look inside, outside and under the bonnet of the new Opel Adam.

In 2015, be prepared for an onslaught of new models from Opel as the German brand attempts to reclaim some of the South African market. The first of which is a compact, city car called the Adam.

Before you start with Garden of Eden jokes, the Adam is actually named after Adam Opel, the man who started it all back in 1862. Naming a product for the company’s founder can only mean that Opel has big ambitions riding on the Adam’s little shoulders.

In this video, we’ll take you through the base model Adam and the more highly-specced Jam model:

- Styling: The Adam is very customisable, find out how you can personalise yours - Engines: We detail the two engines available in the range, and the fuel economies of each - Interior: The basic radio setup and fancy touch screen system are both discussed - Boot space: It is small car, so what is the boot space like, and can you fold the rear seats?

We test drove the two Opel Adam models when prices weren’t yet available, so please see pricing below.

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This is the second of our All You Need to Know videos, a series of short, highly informative videos that we conceived to give you, the car buyer, a detailed, visual understanding of new cars available on the SA market.

We feel it’s much better and much more convenient than visiting your local dealership; you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office, you don’t have to decline a cup of instant coffee and no one with a name badge is going to pressure you into buying anything.

We have plenty of these useful videos in the pipeline, so stay tuned for everything you need to know about your favourite cars.

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Opel Adam Pricing for South Africa

1.4 Base model - R189 900 1.0T Jam - R209 900 1.0T Glam - R232 900