Next Mercedes-Benz E-Class Interior Revealed (Video)

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Mercedes-Benz is starting to really get into its stride with the release of images detailing the interior of the next-generation E-Class, due to be unveiled next year.

It looks to have combined elements of the current S-Class and C-Class whilst adding a bunch of new touch technologies. The E-Class is set to make its debut appearance at the Detroit motor show in January 2016.

Big Screens

The most eye-catching new feature is the digital instrument cluster that combines with the infotainment screen. The screens are actually separate but both measure 12.3-inches and are capable of 1920x720 pixels. This is only available as the top-spec option and standard models get a traditional analogue binnacle with an 8.4-inch infotainment screen.

Touch pad steering controls

The E-Class will be available with touch sensitive controls on the steering wheel. These controls will allow the driver to swipe through functions within the infotainment system, meaning more tasks can be completed whilst hands are on the wheel.

In addition to the touch control buttons and the touchpad, the driver can use the COMAND controller and LINGUATRONIC voice control to manipulate the infotainment system. The driver can choose at any time which input method he or she prefers.

LED lighting

The interior has been lined with LED lights that save energy and can be ordered in up to 64 different colours. LED lights have also been used extensively for the exterior lighting. Mercedes claims that the rear lights can be optionally specced to look like the Milky Way or the glow of a jet engine.

The overall design of the interior looks very suave and sophisticated but also extremely familiar to the current C-Class.     

E-Class Interior Video