Next Generation Bugatti Veyron To Receive Hybrid Power Boost

2009 Bugatti Veyron

Reports coming from Autoguide say that the next generation Bugatti Veyron will be launched sometime next year with a 1103 kW hybrid drivetrain.

Extra power from hybrid drivetrain

Despite these rumours of a new model being squashed by Bugatti President Dr Wolfgang Schreiber earlier this year, sources inside the company confirmed that the automaker has developed a 2015 follow-up model to the limited series Veyron that may sell out this year.

It’s believed the new two-door model will be equipped with a 16-cylinder engine outputting an impressive 1103 kW, which is way more than the 895 kW in the current SuperVeyron.

It is also believed the French manufacturer is targeting a top speed way above the 435.31 km/h set by the Hennessey Venom GT in order to reclaim the title for the world's fastest car.

Like today's Veyron, of which only 20 units are remaining to be sold, the production of the next generation Bugatti Veyron model would be limited to 450 examples.