Next-Gen Kia Sportage Due in April 2021

KIA Sportage

Fans of the Kia Sportage will have to wait until April 2021 to see the all-new model. 

This is the claim from Korean Car Blog who had spotted a few of the pre-production mules cruising around. So what do we know about the all-new 5th generation Kia Sportage? 

Mechanically, expect a lot of similarities to the recently-revealed Hyundai Tucson, while the Kia will have the latest application of its newest design language. Seen on the Seltos and soon-to-be-launched Sonet, the newest iteration of Kia's products are visually striking. Korean Car Blog reports that we're likely to see a concept revealed in the run-up to the production model's debut, in the same vein that Hyundai previewed its Tucson with the Vision T. The last big concept from Kia was the Futuron, and we suspect some of the design elements from that will make their way onto the production Kia Sportage.

In terms of powertrain and based on what the Hyundai Tucson is offering, expect turbocharged petrol and turbodiesel models with mild-hybrid tech. Also on offer will be all-wheel drive as well as the latest dual-clutch transmissions. A plug-in hybrid model is on the cards too, with the 1.6-litre turbocharged engine gaining some electrical assistance and delivering up to 195 kW.

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The striking Kia Futuron concept - a hint of what's to come in terms of Sportage styling?

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