New Volvo V40 set for Geneva Reveal

New Volvo V40

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show, which starts in March, comes with yet another reveal, this time the new Volvo V40. Volvo believe the new V40 has what it takes to compete in the premium hatchback class by creating a hatchback that has many of the features and characteristics usually found on larger Volvo models.

New Volvo V40 - Features

The new Volvo V40 comes with a fully graphic instrument cluster which allows personalized layout and information. Many elements of the new Volvo V40, including the design, safety and versatility of the car were designed based on feedback Volvo received from their customers around the world.

Included in the engine range available in the new Volvo V40 is a T5 petrol engine that produces 187 kW of power and accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 6.7 seconds. All models in the range will feature start-stop technology as well as braking energy regeneration across both the manual and automatic versions.

Safety was another element the new Volvo V40 has focused on and it now comes with pedestrian detection, full auto brake, lane keeping aid and park assist pilot for parallel parking. Most interesting though is the world-first pedestrian airbag. As to be expected from Volvo, safety is a huge concern, not only for the driver but also pedestrians.

Production of the new Volvo V40 begins in May this year and it expected to go on sale in South Africa in the first quart of 2013.