New Smart Fortwo 2010 model revealed

Smart Fortwo New Generation

Details of the new Smart Fortwo 2010 model have just been released and will be launched in the autumn of this year. Smart note that the new model has improvements to the interior, the exterior as well as an improved engine.

New Smart Fortwo - Features

The exterior of the new Smart Fortwo now comes in a wider range of colours and various areas of the car can now be painted in the body colour of the car on request. Another improvement to the exterior comes with LED day-time driving lights, although these are extras and don't come standard.

Interior Features

As for the interior, there are a few cosmetic changes, some of the dials have been upgraded and the steering wheel is now a 3-spoke and is in leather. There are also some optional extras, including various storage compartments and LED lightning as well but nothing major.

Engine Performance

The engine see's some welcome changes, with a reduction in CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy. The 40kW cdi turbodiesel has a CO2 emission rate of just 86g/km. With the 45kW and 50kW engines consuming just 4.2liters of petrol per 100km (Combined figure).

The lure of Smart cars has always been their fuel economy, small size and the fact that they are light on petrol. The new Smart Fortwo improves on the main selling points of the Smart brand and should sell well in the 45 countries it will be available in.