New Renault Koleos details released

New Renault Koleos

The new Renault Koleos comes with a few minor changes and tweaks here and there but is otherwise very similar to the model it is based on. The biggest change comes with a focus on reducing CO2 emission in the vehicle and there has been a big improvement compared to the current model.

Fresh styling features for new Renault Koleos

The exterior of the new Renault Koleos has seen its front end re-styled; the air-intakes on the current model have been replaced by an elegant chrome grille and a set of new slimmer headlights add to the styling. Rounding off the list of exterior changes sees the door mirrors now equipped with LED indicators.

Inside the cabin there is a selection of new upholsteries and trims available, to add some extra elegance and personalization. There has been some refinement to the dashboard of the car, as well as the instrument lighting to be more modern. Other than that though, there isn’t much that has changed.

More efficient engines

As mentioned, the biggest change comes in the CO2 reduction of the new Koleos. The Koleos will be available in a 150hp and 175hp diesel model, as well as a 170hp petrol version, with all 3 have impressive CO2 reductions. Renault put in a lot of work on the engine and gearbox of the new Koleos to achieve the CO2 reduction and the work seems to have paid off as the emissions from the 4x2 dCi 150 engine clock in at just 148g/km. The bigger dCi 175 clocks in at 166g/km for its emission rating.

The new Renault Koleos will be available later this year in Europe, look for more information on a local release as it becomes available.