New Ferrari 599XX conquers international media

Ferrari 599xx

Maranello, 4 March – Just a couple of days before her official debut – on the Homestead circuit (Miami) on 13 and 14 March – the new Ferrari 599XX is already the international media’s darling. This extreme non-homologated supercar, planned for exclusive use on the track, is a proper high-tech lab car Ferrari fitted with a series of extremely innovative solutions.

New Ferrari 599XX gets positive media coverage

Journalists from all over the world agree that the new Ferrari 599XX is the true implementation of the Ferrari philosophy of technology transfer from F1 to cars with wheel cases, with the highest expression of sportiness on the race track. Thanks to the 599XX’s sophisticated content, the Quattroruote specialist magazine writes, it is a car “made and thought to reach just one objective: going faster.”

The German Sport Auto points out that the new Ferrari 599XX allows “even non-professional drivers to exploit the car’s potential for the pleasure of one’s senses,” underlining the capacity of the technicians from Maranello to build a car with extreme potential, guaranteeing extraordinary driving emotions and driving pleasure at the same time, while Autocar, the British weekly with its numerous international editions, writes in its typical British style, that the new Ferrari 599XX and the experience one makes with it, are absolutely priceless.