New Citroen DS4 details released before debut

New Citroen Ds4

The new Citroen DS4 is the second model in the DS range, and Citroen is hoping the DS4 makes quite a splash when it gets released. The DS4 is aimed at practically and daily running around but Citroen do note that the DS4 can still fit the driving style of a number of different driver needs. With a coupe-like body style and 2+2 door styling, the new Citroen DS4 combines utility with practically, noted by three full size rear seats for carrying more passengers around town if needed.

Practical design for new Citroen DS4

Getting to the back seats is something of an interesting point though. The rear seats are accessed by the rear doors but the rear door handles have sneakily been hidden to blend in to shape of the car. While this does maintain a slightly sleeker look to the car overall, it is too minor to be justified and the DS4 ends up looking like a 2-door hatch.

Under the hood, the new Citroen DS4 will be available in five different engine types, including 3 petrol and 2 diesel models which include Citroen’s diesel Particulate Filtering System. The 1.6 liter petrol engine produces 147kW, 275Nm of torque at 1700rpm. Following most new nippy car models, the DS4 has low CO2 emissions, coming in at just 149g/km with many new technologies pulling their weight and reducing the fuel consumption by up to 15% in urban driving.

The new Citroen DS4 is going to debut at the Paris Motor show later this year and is looking to go on sale later in Europe in 2011.