New Branding, New Mobility

New Peugeot Logo

For 200 years, Peugeot has uniquely combined emotion and the pursuit of perfection in all its activities. This twofold

approach is in the Marque’s genes.

For example Peugeot has combined:

* Wood and steel to create its first peppermills,

* The saloon and diesel to democratize progress,

* The coupé and the cabriolet to invent the coupé-cabriolet segment and become its leader,

* The saloon and the SUV to launch the 3008,

* Diesel and electric to pioneer the diesel hybrid,

* The saloon and the scooter to develop the BB1.

Peugeot is a unique alliance of the pursuit of perfection and emotion. Peugeot’s aim is to ensure that emotion is always

at the heart of the motoring experience: a Peugeot will never be purely functional.


To broadcast and illustrate its brand project around the world, Peugeot is taking on a new international


The Lion, associated with Peugeot since 1858, is changing. Created by Peugeot designers, the Lion on the radiator


* Is simpler in its design,

* More dynamic, with a new posture and a new fluidity,

* Creates a bimetallic effect through the contrast of its mat/lustrous finish.

This Lion is also the Marque’s new logo:

* Three-dimensional for greater modernity,

* It discards its blue flag for a more forceful effect,

* The Peugeot blue becomes darker and is now combined with the new typography of the Marque’s name.

The first vehicle to display the new Lion is the Peugeot RCZ which will be launched in the spring of 2010.