New BMW R 1200 RT with powerful boxer engine

Bmw R 1200 Rt

The BMW R 1200 RT has always been acknowledged as the epitome of comfortable and dynamic motorcycle touring in grand style. And now the new BMW R 1200 RT active sport tourer, with its significant innovations, offers even more touring qualities and dynamic benefits thanks to its new Boxer engine.

Boxer engine gives new BMW R 1200 RT more torque

In its configuration and basic structure, the new flat-twin Boxer engine is similar to the Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) engine featured in the BMW HP2 Sport. However, it has been further upgraded and optimized for the BMW R 1200 RT to meet the specific requirements of an outstanding touring bike.

Arguably, the 1,170-cc boxer engine on the former model already offered superior power under all conditions and in almost all riding situations. Nevertheless, the new engine offers an increase in maximum torque of 88 ft-lb at 6,000 rpm, for even greater acceleration and passing power. The range of useful engine speed has been increased by 500 rpm to 8,500 rpm. There is also a significant increase in torque where it really counts, at low and medium engine speeds. Maximum engine horsepower is the same as the prior model at 110 hp but occurs now at a higher rev range of 7,750 rpm.

While these improvements seem minor, there is a noticeable difference in acceleration and responsiveness throughout the power-band.