New Volvo Flagship SUV On the Way

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Volvo will introduce a new flagship SUV that will slot in above the XC90 and it will be electric. 

When the current generation Volvo XC90 came to market way back in 2014, it represented a major leap forward for the brand. It was so impressive, in fact, that the XC90 scooped the Premium SUV title in the #CarsAwrds powered WesBank numerous times.

A new third-generation XC90 is expected to be revealed in 2021 but Volvo is taking it a step further and will look to introduce a new flagship SUV in 2023. This new flagship is expected to carry the XC100 moniker and it will be an all-electric SUV. In fact, reports suggest that it will be named the XC100 Recharge, which follows from Volvo’s XC40 Recharge crossover.

The current XC90 is built on Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) which caters for petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles. However, the next-generation XC90 and the new flagship XC100 will be built on the second-generation SPA-II which also caters for all-electric vehicles. 


The new third-generation XC90 is expected to be the first Volvo model to feature roof-mounted Lidar autonomous technology (watch the video above to learn more about this technology) and is likely to feature on the XC100 too. Unlike the XC90, the XC100 is expected to be a strict 4-seater with individual rear seats. The XC100 will be the most luxuriously appointed vehicle in Volvo’s stable.

While the exact details of the electric powertrain for the XC100 have yet to be revealed, a dual electric motor setup is expected and all XC100’s are likely to feature an all-wheel-drive layout. The batteries are likely to be installed beneath the vehicle floor which means that cabin space won’t be impacted. In terms of design, you can expect the XC100 to forego the boxier design of the XC90 and instead employ more of a coupe-like design.   

We will keep you updated as soon as more details of the XC100 are revealed. 

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