New Volkswagen T-Cross vs Volkswagen Polo - Which one should you buy?

The recently-launched Volkswagen T-Cross has proven quite popular since its launch, but should you buy it over a Volkswagen Polo hatchback?

The Volkswagen T-Cross was a sales success before the first tyres even touched showroom floors, such was the interest from local buyers in this little SUV.

But rather interestingly the price range of the T-Cross lineup overlaps with the price range of the Polo in our market, and so many buyers are likely to be asking themselves, which one should I buy?

Join Ciro De Siena as he tests both cars side-by-side. In this video, you shall learn many things, including details about the boot space and general practicality of the two cars, details of the current and upcoming engine options, a fuel consumption comparison, ride and handling and extensive details on the pricing and interior options on the T-Cross.

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