New Toyota Prius Revealed For 2016

Prius 1

The Toyota Prius went on sale way back in 1997 and became the first ever mass produced hybrid car. Meet the new one.

Since 1997 Toyota has sold 3.5 million Prius’ across the globe. This latest model features a new chassis, advanced hybrid systems and improved dynamics.

Prius Hybrid details

Toyota has annoyingly released zero details about the powertrain and hybrid system, but mentioned that it is vastly improved. Almost every internal component of the Prius engine is new or substantially revised.

A comprehensive program of size and weight reductions for major hybrid components was achieved while maintaining overall performance. As a result, the Prius has achieved over 40% thermal efficiency and a huge boost in fuel economy.

New Prius architecture

The Prius will feature Toyota’s new global platform. The chassis claims to improve basics such as handling and safety. It is also 60 percent stiffer than before with the engine sitting lower down, reducing the centre of gravity.


It seems that much of the fuss made about this Prius has been over the styling. The top of the roof has been lowered by 20mm and moved forwards, while the bonnet has also been lowered. All improvements have been achieved with no sacrifice to interior space.

The use of new headlamps minimizes the Prius' frontal area and, at the same time, provides a striking lighting display. Meanwhile, the rear combination lamps express the distinctive lines of the Prius from the rear spoiler to the trailing edges of the sides.

Up to eight exterior colours are available, including "Emotional Red" which utilizes a newly developed treatment process to achieve a “deep, vibrant luster.”

On Sale

This latest generation of Prius will go on sale later this year in Japan before heading to markets around the world soon after.