New Subaru Forester Sport ES Detailed Review - New engine, new trim levels, better package?

Subaru South Africa has just released the latest Forester variants onto the market. Not only have they added a new, larger, more powerful engine, but they've also added the word "Sport" to the model name.

Two new trim levels are available and in this video we test the more affordable Forester Sport ES variant. Although, our video journalist Ciro De Siena finds the offering so comprehensive that he's left wondering why you'd opt for the more expensive variant.

In this video we cover interior tech and features, boot space, the folding rear seats, back seat space, performance of the new engine and Ciro gives the much-maligned CVT transmission a proper run for its money. Watch the video! 

Also, see our written review of the new Subaru Forester 2.5i-S ES here's Youtube channel is powered by Budget Insurance. For an instant quote, click here.

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