New Renault Concept To Show Up At The Paris Motor Show

New Renault Concept

A report by Autocar has revealed that Renault is set to introduce a new experimental engineering concept at the Paris Motor Show in October this year.

Renault to debut 2.0-litre concept car

According to the report, Renault's Senior Vice President of Design, Laurens van den Acker confirmed the new concept is Renault’s answer to a challenge set by the French government, to put a car capable of returning 2.0-litres/100 km into production by 2020.

Van den Acker went on to say that the new Renault concept will be based on a completely new lightweight platform, “because the existing platform would be too heavy. To be able to get to these numbers you need a dramatic weight reduction and a dramatic aerodynamic improvement.” The new Renault concept is also said to feature styling cues of traditional hatchbacks, sports cars, and crossovers.

Peugeot is another manufacturer that’s answered the challenge from the French government, with its near production-ready 2008 Hybrid Air concept which is equipped with a three-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol engine delivering 60 kW combined with a pair of hydraulic pumps, setting the total power to 83 kW. Peugeot claims the car has already managed to achieve 2.9-litres/100km and 69g/km in homologated Drive Cycle tests.