All-New Chrysler Crossover Due in 2018

Grand Voyager

Chrysler has announced it’s developing an all-new seven-passenger crossover scheduled to arrive in 2018.

Chrysler Crossover details

Set to compete against the Buick Enclave / Chevrolet Traverse / GMC Acadia, the all-new Chrysler crossover will also supposedly be larger than the Dodge Durango.

According to a recent report from MotorTrend, Chrysler president and CEO Al Gardner suggested that the new seven-passenger crossover would be built on a front-wheel drive platform with an all-wheel drive option, and will be powered by with a V6 unit.

It is also likely that the crossover will use the architecture from the 2016 Chrysler Town & Country models. Chrysler is also said to reveal a plug-in hybrid variant, however there’s no word on specifications.

*picture is the Chrysler Voyager, one of the more interesting Chrysler products sold in South Africa.