New BMW X4 (2018) International Launch Review

BMW recently celebrated the launch of its second-generation X4 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, and we made the trip to experience the latest SUV from the Bavarian brand. Watch the video!

For this generation, BMW is doubling down on a format it invented, that of the SUV Coupe, which seems to have found enough buyers to justify its existence. Coupled with the latest generation petrol and diesel engines, a revised drivetrain and the latest version of xDrive, the X4 may be based on the X3, but in many ways, it offers a very unique experience.

In this video, we drive the new X4 on some beautiful back roads through the forested hills of South Carolina, as well as on BMW's own Spartanburg test track, and lastly on a skidpan, where the X4 offered up the biggest surprise of the day.

The new BMW X4 is expected to arrive in South Africa in September 2018.

BMW X4 - Price in South Africa

BMW X4 xDrive20i - R843 000

BMW X4 xDrive20d - R843,000

BMW X4 M40i - R1 132 800

BMW X4 M40d - TBC

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