New BMW 3 Series Coupe is a winner

Bmw 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series Coupe is a sales success and a winner in the minds of motoring critics. On sale since October 2006, BMW has sold 729 of the new generation 3 Series model, with its hyper-performance Twin Turbo straight six engine being the driving force behind its show-vroom appeal.

The all new E92 generation 3 Series Coupé finished on the podium in the annual WHEELS Car of the Year judging and was recognized as the top imported car and best overall luxury car.

3 Series experiences worldwide success

Electrifying acceleration from it's silky smooth 225kW motor has propelled the 335i, and its 323i and 323i six-pot siblings even further ahead of its closest rivals in the hearts and minds of compact luxury sport coupé buyers in Australia.

In the past ten years, the E36 and E46 generation BMW 3 Series Coupés have been overwhelmingly successful in the market, offering a heady mix of six-cylinder smoothness, agility and power.

In the E36 generation, a feisty four-cylinder motorsport-tuned engine enthralled buyers, but with the advent of the E46 in 1999, the 3 Series Coupé became a six-cylinder-only model, emphasizing its premium market credentials.

New BMW 3 Series Coupe dominates sales

From the start of 1996 to the end of 2007, BMW sold 11,470 3 Series Coupe models, compared with 6,938 sales of its closest rival, an impressive lead of more than 65 percent. In some years, the BMW outsold its rival by more than three to one. These figures do not account for the track-bred M3 super-coupe.

The powerful appeal of the BMW 3 Series Coupé is enduring. No better example can be found than in 2003 when its closest rival was renewed and all-but tripled its 2002 sales. But even then, the BMW 3 Series Coupé was still a mighty 10 percent more popular with buyers.

Worldwide the 3 Series Coupe has a very special role to play in the 3 Series family. Its best sales year in the E46 generation was 78,600 sales in 2000, while in 2005, its last year in full production , it achieved more than 25,600 sales. It's no surprise then that in total, more than 460,000 BMW customers drove off in a new E46 3 Series Coupe.