New Audi R8 Teased with Laser Technology

New Audi R8

Audi has partially teased the new R8 with an image showing off its LED headlights. Audi has revealed that the second-generation R8 will also feature a high-beam laser lighting as an option.

Laser Tech for 2015 Audi R8

Audi claims that the laser lighting uses high intensity laser diodes which produce high amounts of light energy from a small component, effectively doubling the lighting range compared to LED high-beam headlights.

The laser lighting system includes a laser module with four high-intensity laser diodes, which 'bundles' four blue laser beams. A phosphor converter then converts the blue light into white light. The new Audi R8 will however be fitted with an LED headlight system as standard, which includes a total of 37 LEDs per headlight.

Making its first appearance in the R18 e-tron quattro race car and followed by the Audi R8 LMX limited edition model in 2014, laser spot technology is the latest lighting innovation from Audi alongside previous innovations including LED daytime running lights and Matrix LED headlights.

The new Audi R8 will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show on 3 March and will stand alongside its fully electric e-tron derivative. We will provide further details regarding the Audi R8 as and when they become available. Stay tuned!