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As the business hub of South Africa, Gauteng has no shortage of high LSM residents. This additional spending power is often visible in the cars that residents of South Africa’s smallest province choose to drive. Gauteng has however not been completely oblivious to the effects of the global recession, and with the realization that money is a precious commodity, more locals of the Golden province are looking to invest in quality used cars as apposed to splashing out on fancy new cars. has a selection of over 3000 used cars for sale in Gauteng. Naturally this makes us a great place for Gauteng residents to find the ideal second hand car. January 2010 saw a huge increase in users visiting the website and below is a chart representing the most popular used car brands in Gauteng for the month:

Most Popular Used Car Brands in Gauteng - Search Percentages

16% - Volkswagen 14% - Toyota 13% - Not Specified 8% - BMW 8% - Opel 6% - Ford 5% - Audi 3% - Nissan

Table: - Gauteng Top Brands Search Percentage

2010 sees Volkswagen continue to build on their ever growing popularity. Volkswagen used cars in Gauteng have moved from a previous solid second place to a convincing top spot amongst Gauteng used car browsers. The dominance of both the Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Golf brands contributed largely to the success of the Volkswagen brand within the online used car sector.

Whilst Toyota has dropped from the coveted top spot, the brand has still increased in overall searches and command a solid second place on the Gautend used car brand popularity rankings. Toyota used cars for sale in Gauteng still attract a huge number of potential buyers. The Toyota Yaris is the most popular model under the Toyota used car banner.

BMW maintains its consistent third place in the used car section on BMW being the highest ranking luxury car manufacturer is still a favourite amongst used car buyers in Gauteng. Second hand BMW cars for sale in Gauteng still constitute 8% of the search volume experienced over January 2010 on, no small feat for a high end manufacturer, only in Gauteng!

Opel has been a strong performer in 2010 and has moved up through the brand rankings. Pre-owned Opel cars are increasing in popularity in Gauteng according to the huge increase in search volume experienced on during January 2010. has in excess of 300 Opel used cars for sale in Gauteng, largely comprised of the ever popular Opel Corsa.

Audi, Ford and Nissan have all increased consistently with Gauteng brand averages over January 2010. Ford used cars for sale in Gauteng have dropped a single position below Opel in the brand rankings, but maintained a top 5 position. Audi and Nissan have maintained their positions from last year. Awards

Biggest Increase in search volume: Volkswagen

Most used cars for sale in Gauteng: Volkswagen

Gauteng’s top manufacturer: Volkswagen

All stats are generated from the website

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