Mitsubishi Pajero LWB: All You Need to Know (Video)


In this video we’ll save you the hassle of driving to an Mitsubishi dealership with a detailed look inside, outside and under the bonnet of the new Mitsubishi Pajero.

If you are a fan of hurrying around, the Mitsubishi Pajero is not the car for you. In a world where modern 4x4s seem to be engineered to keep up with hot hatches, the Pajero might seem like an anachronism. But in most ways, it is a very welcome blast from a more adventurous past.

For a start the tyres are old school, tall sidewall monsters which are not only very comfortable, but are better able to cope with offroad conditions. And while you can’t charge into corners, the wafty-feeling ensures that you just don’t want to.

The engines haven’t changed, the short wheelbase and the LWB will both run the 3.2 litre DI-D turbo diesel, which I’m convinced is made of granite. It’s not very frugal, Mitsubishi claim 9.2 litres/100km while I achieved around 12l/100km. But the engine will run on 500ppm diesel, ensuring that in remote areas, refuelling won’t be an issue.

The interior has seen minor upgrades but the highlight is the new touchscreen infotainment system which admittedly is very far behind German offerings in look and feel but still provides everything you may need to connect to your smart devices. The screen also displays the reverse camera which helps enormously when trying to park what is a very large car.

Rear load space is obviously generous and with all the seats folded, its about the size of a good garden shed. A small third bench folds like origami out of the floor should you need to transport a couple of extra passengers, turning the car into a 7-seater.

Pajero Rivals

But where the Pajero really wins is on price. It compares favourably to its two key rivals, the Land Rover Discovery and the now discontinued Toyota Prado. While there is a Discovery available without the clever air suspension, the XS model, it suffers from very low ride height, so we’ve compared it to the base model diesel, the SDV6 S.

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Spec Sheet: Mitsubishi Pajero vs Land Rover Discovery vs Toyota Prado

Pajero LWB Exceed Discovery SDV6 S Prado 3.0 DT VX
Price R659 900 R842 986 R732 400
Engine 3.2l DI-D turbodiesel 3.0l V6 turbodiesel 3.0l i-4 turbodiesel
Power 140kW 183kW 120kW
Torque 441Nm 600Nm 400Nm
Fuel consumption 9.2l/100km 8.8l/100km 8.5l/100km
Gearshift 5-spd auto 8-spd auto 5-spd auto
Towing capacity 750kg (unbraked) 750kg (unbraked) 750kg (unbraked)