Mini BeachComber concept may see production

Mini Beach Comber

The Mini Beachcomber concept debuted at this years Detroit Auto Show and caused a massive amount of buzz. So much so in fact that BMW are seriously considering putting the Mini Beachcomber into production. Don't hold your breath just yet though, as it's still just a rumor and if it was given the go-ahead it would only be ready in the next few years.

Mini Beachcomber could be reality

There could definitely be an audience for the Mini Beachcomber though, as it draws some elements from the Toyota Rav4 and combines them with the Mini look to create a fun and funky car that doesn't necessarily need to stay on the road. The doors of the concept were left off, as well as the boot to give on-lookers a better view of what the Mini Beachcomber has to offer and the response seems good enough to justify its production. Now we just wait and see what BMW decide.