Mercedes-Benz X-Class (2018) Specs & Price

MB X Class 7

The highly-anticipated Mercedes-Benz X-Class double-cab bakkie is officially launching in South Africa next week! Take a look at what the X-Class will cost below...

The new Mercedes-Benz X-Class, which is based upon the Nissan Navara will officially come to market in May 2018. The first deliveries start in the middle of May 2018 but pre-orders for the 'luxury' bakkie are open.

From its market launch, the X-Class will be powered by a 2.3-litre turbodiesel motor available with a choice of two power outputs. In the X220d with a single turbocharger it generates 120 kW and, in the biturbo X250d, 140 kW. Both diesel models will be offered with purely rear-wheel drive or with a selective all-wheel drive. All engines are characterised by quiet, low-vibration running and excellent power delivery coupled with low consumption figures, Benz says. Power is transferred via a 6-speed manual transmission. A 7-speed automatic transmission is also available for the 140 kW X250d and X250d 4Matic derivatives.

A high-torque V6 diesel engine, with peak outputs of 190 kW and 550 Nm, will be released in 2018. The X350d model will come as standard with permanent 4Matic all-wheel drive and the 7-speed automatic transmission with steering-wheel shift paddles and Eco start/stop function. The Dynamic Select drive programme switch enables the driving experience to be tailored to individual preferences – from relaxed comfort to engaged sportiness, will be standard.

Excellent off-road characteristics

Fording depth

600 mm

Ground clearance

Front axle 202 mm

Rear axle 221 mm for suspension with raised ground clearance

Angle of approach/departure front/rear


30.1°/25.9° for suspension with raised ground clearance

Maximum tilt


49° for suspension with raised ground clearance

Ramp breakover angle


22° for suspension with raised ground clearance

Maximum gradeability


From launch, there will be two levels of trim; Progressive and Power. Progressive is more rugged and aimed at the workhorse market, while Power is geared towards the lifestyle end. We'll have full details and specifications when the vehicle launches locally.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Price in South Africa

Prices effective from 1 April 2018 and include the impending VAT rate of 15% as well as new CO2 tax values. The new Mercedes-Benz X-Class comes standard with the manufacturer’s PremiumDrive, which is a 100 000 km/6 year plan, whichever occurs first. For an additional cost, customers have the option of extending the maintenance plan up to a maximum of 180 000km/8 years, whichever occurs first.

X-Class X220d 4X2 PROGRESSIVE M/T - R642 103

X-Class X250d 4X2 PROGRESSIVE A/T - R694 025

X-Class X250d 4X4 PROGRESSIVE M/T (available in A/T as an optional extra) - R696 785

X-Class X250d 4X4 POWER M/T (available in A/T as an optional extra) - R791 315

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