Mercedes-Benz SUV Line-Up – New Details Emerge

2015 Mercedes Benz GLA Class

A new report has indicated that the Mercedes-Benz SUV line-up will receive a new naming structure over the next few years.

Mercedes-Benz SUV line-up re-badged

According to Auto Express, “the idea behind the move is to streamline and simplify model line-ups so that they reflect the family of Mercedes road cars to which they belong.”

It’s said that the new SUV models will use the "GL" designation followed by a third letter that will signify the class they are connected with. This can already be seen in the GLA model which is related to the A-Class, and will be followed by the "GLK" that will be renamed "GLC" in relation to the C-Class. There’s also that Concept Coupe SUV which was shown at the Beijing Motor Show and is set to be called the GLE Coupe when it makes production.

The same method will supposedly be used for the new versions of the ML and GL models, which are to be badged "GLE" and “GLS” respectively, as a connection to their E-Class and S-Class families.

It is further rumoured that this naming structure won’t just end with SUV models, but will move on to the company’s sports car range – starting with the refreshed "SLK" which will be re-badged as the "SLC", relating to C-Class range.