Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept

G Code 1

Mercedes-Benz has got the jump on the LA motor show and revealed its G-Code Concept that sees a distant look into the German brand’s future. The G-Code Concept is a small compact SUV that will sit below the GLA as far a pricing goes.

G-Code Design Details

The curtain was lifted on the G-Code at the opening of its new R&D centre in Beijing on the 3 November 2014. The styling of the G-Code has been co-developed by designers in both China and Germany in order to make it is accessible as possible to the young, modern buyer.

The letter ‘G’ is easily spotted in the G-Code’s LED lights and points to its name. Other interesting style points include the reverse opening rear door – coach doors and 21-inch wheels fitted for a bit of extra street cred. The A-pillars have been designed so the G-Code looks as though it has a floating roof and the glass wraps right the way around from the rear window.

The grille has three different choices of backlights to choose from so you can spray blue, purple or red light from behind the grille. You may have also noticed the lack of rear mirrors, this is because they have been replaced with cameras that display inside the cabin.

Hydrogen Powered

No engine specifics have been detailed, however it did say that it would likely use ‘state-of-the-art turbocharged combustion engine that runs on hydrogen’ along with an ‘electric motor that drives the rear axle.’ That would make the G-Code an all-wheel drive compact SUV with specific modes to choose from as to whether you want to drive in two-wheel or four-wheel drive. Or it could possibly have a third mode where it is powered entirely by the electric motor.

The roof of the G-Code uses specially designed ‘Multi-voltaic’ paint which, acts as a solar panel and regenerates electrostatic energy as wind is drawn over the surface. The new concept also employs ‘power-on-the-move suspension’ in which, the rebound movement of the springs and dampers is used to drive a generator via hydraulic means to create electricity.

Whilst purely a concept and a design study, the G-Code takes a look into Merc’s expanding range of SUVs and what its next step in the segment may be.