Mercedes-Benz eVito Revealed

Mercedes-Benz has finally shown its electrified van.

Perhaps the Mercedes-Benz range of vehicles most suited to electrification, are the brand's vans - and there is now a Vito with battery power.

This new eVito features some very impressive numbers. It is powered by a 150 kW electric motor which produces 362 Nm. Those numbers compare favourably with the Vito range’s internal combustion engines.

Clever packaging of the battery pack, electric motor and drivetrain mean that there have been no cabin architecture compromises. All the eVito’s battery, power- and drivetrain bits are accommodated at the front of the van, under its bonnet.

Although peak electric motor outputs aren’t immense, the eVito does have a very large battery pack, comparable in size to that of many Teslas or Porsche’s Taycan. Supplying energy for the eATS electric drivetrain is a 90 kWh battery pack, which is about the largest lithium-ion energy source available for passenger cars.

Range trumps power

Mercedes-Benz’s engineers have decided to limit power output to increase range. With 362 Nm the eVito has enough overtaking acceleration and hauling force, even if it is loaded with a full complement of passengers.

By not attempting to chase radical power outputs, Mercedes-Benz has the confidence of marketing eVito with a promised range of 420 km on a single charge. That is impressive for a large battery-powered van.

Top speed is limited to 140 kph (to conserve range) and recharging from a high output source, should equate to 80% of battery capacity in 45 minutes.

Mercedes-Benz has also equipped the eVito with new safety features. These include automated emergency braking and Distronic adaptive cruise control. A curious detail of the eVito is that for all its advanced powertrain specification, the instrument binnacle is still served by analogue dials.

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