Mercedes-AMG launches aero roof box

Sometimes, even an AMG runs out of space.

If you are running short on weekend away stowage space in your Mercedes-AMG, there is now a slick roof box solution.

Although the notion of adding anything to the roof of any AMG would appear completely ruinous for its driving dynamics, by increasing the centre of gravity, there are times when necessity trumps purity.

Customer demand has seen AMG react by offering a new aerodynamically shaped roof box, for its vehicles. Although the company’s high-performance SUVs might have adequate luggage space, the A- and C-Class 35-, 43-, 45-, 53- and 63-series AMGs can occasionally do with a touch more utility capacity.

AMG spends a huge amount of time and resources to carefully perfect the aerodynamic properties of its vehicles. Keen to not undo that investment, by offering customers a substandard roof box, the company has now managed to source a roof stowage solution that is least disruptive, aerodynamically.

These official AMG roof boxes not only look wonderfully slick, but they also feature stabilising fins and an aft diffuser. To best manage the airflow over an AMG’s roof, which has one of these boxes installed, there are four vertical ribs, that form part of its diffuser section.

Beyond reducing the aerodynamic burden of carrying some additional luggage or sporting goods on the roof, this latest AMG optional extra also has a striking appearance.

The internal volume of this AMG roof box is generous, offering 410 litres of space while being able to support a 70 kg load. And yes, any sane AMG owner would wince at the thought of adding that much weight to the roofline of their high-performance Mercedes-Benz.

Although this roof box has great potential, especially for owners of compact AMG vehicles, it does come with quite a significant caveat… And that is a maximum speed rating of only 130 kph, which is quite limiting, considering the performance on offer with even a 2-litre powered AMG.

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