Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake Revealed

AMG shows its best-looking compact car, the new CLA45 station wagon (Shooting Brake).

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the third of its latest generation AMG 45-series cars, in the guise of a Shooting Brake variant.

Like the recently shown A45 and CLA45, this CLA45 Shooting Brake is powered by AMG’s phenomenally powerful M139 engine, which is rated as the world’s most potent series production petrol powerplant.

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All the AMG styling upgrades applied to the A45 hatchback and CLA45 four-door coupe are also present on the brand’s new CLA45 Shooting Brake: large diameter quad exhausts, big wheels and all manner of AMG-themed aerodynamic design details applied to the nose and aft section. The Shooting Brake’s long-roof proportions carry its AMG upgrades particularly well.

In terms of configuration, the Shooting Brake body style delivers 505-litres of luggage space, which is 45-litres more than the CLA45 coupe. The cabin features red detailing to underscore its dedicated high-performance purposing.

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Similar to its M139-powered siblings, the CLA45 Shooting Brake will be available in two different output grades. The most powerful of these will be CLA45 S derivatives, boosting 310 kW and capable of 0-100 kph in 4 seconds. Slightly less powerful is the ‘standard’ version, which delivers 285 kW and is only a tenth of second slower from 0-100 kph.

Interestingly, despite being a touch heavier than the CLA45 coupe, the Shooting Brake is equally as quick in 0-100 kph acceleration. Top speeds register as 250- and 270 kph, respectively for the standard and S-model.

Driveability is enhanced by AMG’s sophisticated all-wheel-drive system, which features a zero intervention threshold drift mode – which sends all torque to the rear wheels. Inputting driver demand to the powertrain is an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, while active exhaust flaps enable the CLA45 Shooting Brake to adapt its sound signature, according to the environment: muted in traffic but loud when road conditions open up.

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The CLA45 Shooting Brake is also a compact car with very large brakes, boasting 360 mm discs behind the front wheels – on the high-powered ‘S’ cars.

Unlike most of AMG’s products, which feature in the local market due to strong demand and brand loyalty, the CLA45 Shooting Brake is doubtful for a South Africa debut. Mercedes-Benz did not introduce the previous-generation CLA Shooting Brake locally – and there are no commitments around the second-generation either, which includes this new AMG version.