McLaren P1 GTR Has F1 Style Interior (Video)

McLaren P1 GTR Test 05

McLaren’s fastest going road car the P1 GTR is a much more track-focused machine than a standard P1 that has already set a new lap record at Kyalami. The P1 GTR is sold not only as a car, but a lifestyle or package that includes driver training just like an F1 driver would go through.

P1 GTR Interior from Hamilton's F1 Car

While we have already seen images of the P1 GTR exterior, McLaren has now revealed what the interior will look like. It claims the cockpit is based off the championship-winning 2008 MP4-23 Formula One car. The interior is as focused for the driver as possible, and is stripped of all but the essential items in a bid to keep weight to a minimum.

The centre piece of the driver’s environment is the newly-developed steering wheel, which has been designed to make all controls as easily accessible and as user-friendly as possible. This unit in particular carries a lot of heritage and significance to the F1 car it harks back to.

As in an F1 car, controls including the mode switches are located to the centre of the steering wheel. This allows the driver to fully adjust the setup and characteristics of the car without having to move their hands from the wheel. The DRS and IPAS buttons are still mounted on the steering wheel.

Once you’ve forked out the cash for the P1 GTR it opens up all the doors into the driver programme that it entitles you to. Check out the video below to see what these lucky few owners can look forward to experiencing.

McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme