Massive sales increases in March for major car brands.

Car Sales

With the world-wide recession now clearly a thing of the past, three of the top car manufacturers have once again shown strong sales figures and growth for the month of March. These figures are somewhat deceptive as they are generally compared to March of 2009, which was obviously an atrocious year for the automotive market as global car sales dropped dramatically. However these figures are still impressive in their own right as they clearly show the full recovery the automotive market is marking and a positive future for these major brands.


Volkswagen of America reported that their March sales included 22,148 car units which resulted in a 40.9% increase compared to the same month in 2009. The Volkswagen Jetta, Golf and Touareg proved to be very popular during this time with their economic pricing and clean diesel engines.


The Ford brand in America, which includes Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, also posted very strong sales figures for March 2010. The sales figures were up 37% for the quarter compared to the 2009 year. Ken Czubay, Ford vice president US Marketing Sales and Service, reported that it was due to Fords lineup of new vehicles that carried sales figures and that cars, utilities and trucks were all on the up.

Among the top achievers for Ford cars include: The Ford Fusion, the Ford Taurus and the Ford Focus. As for the utility market, the Ford Escape is up 52% in sales.


Following in the trend and not to be out-done, Audi posted their US sales stats that included a 33.5% increase from the same month in 2009. This increase also gave Audi a personal milestone of its best first-quarter sales since they began selling cars in the US. At the top of the list is the

Audi A5 which set an Audi single month sales record with an increase of 59.8% compared to March 2009. The Audi A3 also saw impressive increases with a jump of 100% sales compared to 2009 which was increased by the new A3 being named 2010 Green car of the year. Also among the top contenders were the: Audi Q5 and Audi Q7 which also saw big gains in sales.

What about used cars?

The used car market, like the new car market, has seen an increase in sales compared to 2009. The market is once again thriving with renewed confidence from used car buyers and generally more money available. As always find a range of used cars on