Mahindra TUV300 (2017) Video Review

Prominent Indian manufacturer Mahindra is hoping to expand further into the passenger car market with this: the TUV300. Do note, however, you should pronounce it "Tee-You-Vee-Three-Double-Oh". And as you'll see in the video, that's actually what the car calls itself...

It features 7 seats, a tough-as-nails cab-on-chassis configuration and a fair amount of spec. But it's real appeal is the price. With a new list price of R229 900 and specified with practically all the features the Indian manufacturer has at its disposal, the TUV300 represents impressive value for money.

However, a product in a compact family car segment, at this price point, has its limitations and drawbacks. And for details on those, you'll just have to watch our latest video...

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