Mahindra Scorpio Pik Up 4x2 Adventure (2015) Review

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Mahindra has a reputation for building farm-style workhorses and the Scorpio is no exception. But with the Adventure edition, it now boasts some bling...

The bakkie market is alive and well in Mzansi and vehicles like the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux often out-sell even the most popular passenger cars on a monthly basis. A good workhorse is in high demand in South Africa and these vehicles have to be tough, durable and capable to load and carry anything you throw at it.

Buyers in the lower end of the bakkie market have lots of choice too, from brands such as GWM, Mahindra and Foton. We recently had the Mahindra Scorpio Pik Up 4x2 Adventure bleached in Rocky Beige on test. Let’s see how it stacks up.

Dirty Talk

Let’s be honest here, the Mahindra Scorpio Pik Up might not be the prettiest bakkie on the block, but you can be sure that it’s built with intention. With a total length of over 5.1 metres, the Scorpio Pik Up is large, with a ground clearance of 210mm. A definite highlight of this vehicle is the load bay, which is both long and deep, which makes it perfect for large loads and to be exact, the Scorpio Pik Up comes with a 1 250kg payload. Although we didn’t get a chance to load the vehicle to its capacity, we did use it to transport kayaks and surfboards, which fitted with ease.

This test unit had a particularly menacing look to it and came fitted with a large bull bar with integrated fog lights, a snorkel and bling-bling 16-inch ‘G-Max’ alloy wheels, just to add that extra cool factor for when you are working the earth... or hitting the beach.

On the inside, you are met with a predominantly grey interior that doesn’t offer much in way of excitement, but the centre stack is finished in carbon-fibre-look trim which provides a bit of much needed contrast. Hard-wearing plastic dominates the interior and for a vehicle of this nature, it’s well suited, but don’t expect anything of premium quality. Fit and finish is average overall.

In terms of features, the Mahindra Scorpio Pik Up Adventure comes fitted with the basics and that’s pretty much where the feature train ends. The steering wheel is rake adjustable and has mounted controls for audio and cruise control while the windows are electrically adjustable for added convenience. There is a basic CD radio fitted that’s MP3 compatible and there’s a USB port for charging devices. There’s also ample space for storing smaller items around the cabin and you can squeeze items in behind the seats too.

Drive Time

Now for the part that matters most. How does the Scorpio Pik Up drive you may ask? Well, as you might expect, the Scorpio Pik Up is rough around the edges but to be fair it performed better than we initially thought it would. Start her up and that 2.2-litre mHawk turbodiesel rumbles to life and it’s time to get to work.

With 89 kW and 290 Nm of torque powering the rear wheels, the Scorpio Pik Up has a fair amount of pulling power and with an empty load bay behind you it gets a move on in everyday traffic. Acceleration is acceptable and it was out on the highway where the Scorpio actually impressed us most, as it felt solid and cruised along comfortably at highway speed without feeling overly bouncy. The Scorpio Pik Up delivered a composed and relatively comfortable drive at speed. The Scorpio Pik Up is fitted a Stop-Start system, but it takes too long to fire the engine up again so you have to get your timing just right. Thankfully there's a button to switch the system off entirely.

Naturally, being a large vehicle, you have to take care when navigating the Scorpio Pik Up in those confined parking spaces as its size is easily forgotten but thankfully it has oversize side mirrors to help you along. The Scorpio Pik Up is fitted with a Mechanical Locking Differential (MLD) in case you need it, but if you require more off-road ability then rather opt for the 4x4 version.

The 5-speed transmission can be rather stubborn and notchy while changing gears which contributes to the overall roughness of the Scorpio Pik Up. We also noticed a fair amount wind and engine noise entering the cabin which forces you to turn the radio up more than usual to block out the rumble of the engine.

In terms of fuel consumption, Mahindra claims 8.8L/100km, but you can expect anything from 9.5L/100km or more, depending on how hard you push the Scorpio. On the safety front, The Scorpio Pik Up is fitted with dual airbags as well as ABS.

Mahinda Scorpio Pik Up Price in South Africa

This Mahinda Scorpio Pik Up 4x2 Adventure is priced from R232 995. The 4x4 version is priced from R286 995.

The Mahindra Scorpio Pik Up is sold with a 3-year/100 000km warranty and 3-year/60 000km service plan.

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The Scorpio Pik Up is an honest offering from Mahindra. Yes, it’s large and looks a bit awkward, but when you consider what the vehicle is built for then looks are simply superficial. The Scorpio Pik Up stays true to its function as a workhorse and that large load bay will come in handy when you need it. The engine has good pulling power and it's is well mannered out on the road with decent ride quality. The interior could be better in terms of quality and fit and finish, but at least the Scorpio Pik Up 4x2 Adventure has a decent dose of convenience features.

Test Team Opinion

The Scorpio is a solid offering and the drive isn't bad at all. Specification is good and I'm pleasantly surprised that there's an automatic difflock. However that Start/Stop functionality causes heart-stopping moments as it takes too long for the engine to restart. -David Taylor

We Like: Price, good ride quality, well specced

We Don’t Like: Interior quality, NVH isn't the best.

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Mahindra Scorpio Pik Up 4x2 Adventure – Quick Specs

Mahindra Scorpio Pik Up