Lumma Takes Audi RSQ8 To Another Level

Lumma Audi RS Q8 3

When the Audi Q8 came to market, many (including us) were impressed with just how progressive it looked. Now tuning company Lumma has taken the flagship RS Q8 to another level. Take a look at this monster.

Lumma calls this offering the Lumma CLR 8 RS and the vehicle gains a number of extensive medications to make it appear bold and aggressive. There's a carbon fibre shroud on the front grille as well as front splitter with carbon air intake surrounds. There are also monster flared wheel arches for the front and rear, plus big alloy wheels.

At the back of the Lumma CLR 8 RS, there are many spoilers. The roof gains an enlarged unit and there's a smaller decklid spoiler, plus carbon fibre detailing under the rear lights. Naturally, there's also a bold diffuser. The cabin is not ignored and Lumma has waved its magic wand in this direction. Aluminium pedals, bespoke floor mats as well as plenty leather have been installed. 

Finally, the engine gets a tweak and the 4.0-litre biturbo V8 is given an ECU reflash which sees power and torque climb from 441 kW / 800 Nm to 510 kW / 910 Nm. This upgrade should see the performance increase substantially and while no figures were given, we can bet the standard car's 0-100 kph claimed time of 3.8 seconds will be slashed by a few tenths.

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