Lockdown Basement Review - New Honda BR-V 7-seater

How do you review a car when you can't drive it anywhere other than to the local shops? And without a film crew? This seemed like a chance for Ciro De Siena to do his job.

With South Africa under national lockdown to help fight COVID-19, we had to find a way to still review cars. Luckily Ciro De Siena has a 4-story basement in his building and enough camera equipment to film on his own. With the Cars.co.za crew staying safely at home, Ciro asks you, our lovely audience, to bear with him as he attempts to do his job on his own, in a basement.

In this video, we'll take a detailed look at the segment the Honda BR-V competes in, notably against the new Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Avanza. Ciro also takes the BR-V for a spin around the basement to get to grips with the fire-spitting engine. All to answer the question, is this the best 7-seater family car you can buy right now?

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