Lexus LF-LC concept revealed

Lexus Lf Lc

Lexus are in the process of redesigning the style of their vehicles, which they note is the biggest change in the brand’s history. To this end the new Lexus LF-LC concept has been designed as a look into the future of the brand’s hybrid sport coupe range. The car has just been revealed at the North American International Auto Show.

Impressive styling for Lexus LF-LC Concept

The Lexus LF-LC concept is framed by a deep aluminum surround with mesh patterns in the spindle grille to give it a 3D form. There are daytime running lights which are shaped like an “L”, along with vertical fog lamps which utilize a fading dot matrix pattern. The roof is made from glass with a cantilevered pillar and a glass-to-glass juncture to give the vehicle a greenhouse design which will add to driver visibility.

The tail lamps have been inspired by jet afterburners with their use of inner lighting. The rear also comes with fog lamps which continue the fading dot matrix pattern found in the front. They also maintain the “L” shape which is present in the front all the way down to the quad exhaust. Inside the Lexus LF-LC, there are two 12.3 inch LCD screens to provide information to the driver, which can be controlled by a touch-screen control board in the centre console. The driver can control the audio of the car, the climate control and the navigation.

Look for more information on the Lexus LF-LC concept as it becomes available.