Leaked Pics of Ultimate Renault Clio RenaultSport

Renault Clio Rs Concept2

Strong rumours are circulating that Renault's performance division, RenaultSport, is preparing to announce the arrival of the ultimate Clio. We have leaked photos of the new car which insiders are suggesting will boast at least 184kW of firepower.

As you can see, this Renault Clio looks significantly more aggressive than the standard performance model. It features a wide body kit and an outrageous rear wing, as well as the trademark yellow RenaultSport paint. The real talking point, however, is the powertrain. Whereas the standard Renault Clio RS pushes out 147kW from a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder motor, this hotter model has an uncomfirmed 180+ kW... but from what engine?

The first engine rumour is that RenaultSport engineers have managed to squeeze out 186kW from the existing 1.6-litre motor. The second is that the motor from the RenaultSport Megane RS275 Trophy has been transferred into the Clio's engine bay! In terms of transmission, the Renault EDC transmission is potentially at its limit in terms of torque management, so rumours are rife that the six-speed manual 'box from the Megane will make an appearance. If this is the case, RenaultSport enthusiasts will be leaping for joy as they've been lamenting the lack of a manual gearbox and the performance from the six-speed EDC has not been as stellar as hoped. 

This new RenaultSport Clio is expected to be unveiled at the Monaco Grand Prix, an event which Renault and RenaultSport use to showcase its cool concepts and forthcoming models. Watch this space, we'll see something official from Renault soon.

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