Revealed - 2016 Toyota Hilux Pricing in SA


The official launch of the new Toyota Hilux is later this month, but initial pricing for the entire model line-up has been revealed online. South Africa, get your cheque books ready...

The new-generation Hilux is easily the most eagerly anticipated new vehicle launch of 2016. We've reported on it extensively before (read the initial story here), but now, following a leak on we can reveal the pricing and model line-up that consumers can expect when they march into Toyota dealers later this month. We have confirmed the pricing in this article with a Toyota dealer, but must caution that there is a possibility of a 1 March price increase, though the dealer in question is unsure if that would affect Hilux launch pricing. The pricing has also appeared on Durban South Toyota's blog.

The model line-up and pricing

The initial line-up consists of no fewer than 23 derivatives, split into single-, double- and Xtra-Cab bodyshapes. Though we can't confirm any power/torque output changes to the carry over engines (2.0-litre petrol, 2.7-litre petrol, 4.0-litre V6 petrol), we can confirm that the brand's new 2.4- and 2.8-litre turbodiesels are on offer immediately, but that only the 2.8-litre diesel of the latter pair will be available with an automatic transmission.

On Durban South Toyota's blog the following engine information graphic was published (to be confirmed by Toyota SA at launch).

Petrol Single Cab

Single-Cab Hilux models offer a longer, stronger load box (Model shown may not preview SA specification).

Hilux 2.0 VVTi  R228 900
Hilux 2.0 VVTi A/C R236 400
Hilux 2.7 VVTi Raised Body SRX R309 900

Diesel Single Cab

Hilux 2.4 GD R259 900
Hilux 2.4 GD A/C R267 400
Hilux 2.4 GD-6 Raised Body SRX R319 900
Hilux 2.4 GD-6 4x4 SRX R379 900
Hilux 2.8 GD-6 Raised Body Raider R377 900
Hilux 2.4 GD-6 4x4 SR R382 900
Hilux 2.8 GD-6 4x4 Raider R435 900

Petrol Double Cab

New Hilux 4x4 is said to offer Land Cruiser-like off-road ability (Model shown may not preview SA specification).

Hilux 2.7 VVTi Raised Body SRX R377 900
Hilux 4.0 V6 Raised Body Raider Auto R503 900
Hilux 4.0 V6 4x4 Raider Auto R593 900

Diesel Double Cab

Hilux 2.4 GD-6 4x4 SRX R439 900
Hilux 2.4 GD-6 Raised Body SRX R414 900
Hilux 2.4 GD-6 4x4 SR R441 900
Hilux 2.8 GD-6 Raised Body Raider R468 900
Hilux 2.8 GD-6 Raised Body Raider Auto R485 900
Hilux 2.8 GD-6 4x4 Raider R529 900
Hilux 2.8 GD-6 4x4 Raider Auto R547 900

Xtra Cab

Three versions of the Xtra Cab will be offered (Model shown may not preview SA specification).

Hilux 2.4 GD-6 Raised Body SRX R333 900
Hilux 2.8 GD-6 Raised Body Raider R410 900
Hilux 2.8 GD-6 4x4 Raider R470 900


The pricing of the new Hilux (if accurate) appears to be very competitive indeed which, combined with its significant brand appeal and status, should send shivers down the spines of the marketing folk at rival brands. As before, it will be built locally, and considerable development has taken place to make the vehicles even better suited to South African conditions. We look forward to the launch, and a full review, very soon.

Key improvements

New Hilux cabin is markedly more sophisticated, but we still have to see South African specification.

Among many other enhancements, these are the six features/abilities that appear to have been the top priorities for Toyota's engineers.

  • Design - A more upmarket, refined look without sacrificing the legendary workhorse toughness and rugged durability.
  • Comfort - A more spacious and comfortable interior combining what is claimed to be SUV practicality and functionality with passenger car-like cabin NVH levels.
  • Safety - A new high strength, impact-absorbing body structure and comprehensive brake control systems including ABS, EBD, VSC and Trailer Sway Control (TSC).
  • QDR - A new, tougher ladder chassis, a reinforced deck structure and Active Traction Control (A-TRC), Downhill Assist Control (DAC) and Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) systems raise 4x4 capabilities to match what Toyota says are Land Cruiser levels.
  • Commercial Vehicle Capabilities - A larger, stronger and more practical cargo deck and an improved, 3.2 ton towing capacity.
  • Total Cost of Ownership - The new 2.4 and 2.8 D-4D engines come with claimed class-leading fuel economy.


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