Latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class launched

Mercedes Benz E Class

Stuttgart – The latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class has gotten off to a very successful start, with more than 40,000 units delivered to customers since the market introduction in April 2009. Mercedes-Benz expects sales of the new E-Class to receive a further boost in the coming months from the vehicle’s introduction in key markets including the U.S. and China and the launch of the new estate in October 2009.

Improved fuel consumption for latest Mercedes-Benz E-class

The latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class models have outstanding fuel economy. The sedan’s four- and six-cylinder engines have direct injection systems and consume far less fuel than their predecessors despite their greater output. This month also marked the sales release of two new four-cylinder engines, which combine higher fuel efficiency with the level of driving comfort that is typical of Mercedes-Benz.

The special characteristics of the new E-Class include not only a high level of environmental friendliness, but also a unique combination of driver assistance systems. Approximately a dozen different assistance systems are available to customers, including new Mercedes-Benz developments such as Lane Keeping Assist and Night View Assist. These technologies make the E-Class a “thinking” partner that can not only see, feel, and respond to dangers by means of its “reflexes,” but also act independently to prevent accidents or minimize their effects.

“In South Africa, since the cars have reached the showroom floors of our dealerships, we have received an overwhelming response from traditional Mercedes-Benz E-Class customers as well as owners of other premium luxury vehicles. Despite the current economic situation, the initial demand is higher than our current allocation, and we are building an order book which grow further once the four-cylinder vehicles are available,” says Eckart Mayer, Divisional Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The new E-Class is the successor of an internationally successful Mercedes-Benz model. About 1.5 million sedans and estates of that predecessor model, the 211 series, have been delivered to customers since its market launch six years ago. Over the past 60 years, the eight generations of the E-Class sedan have thrilled ten million customers worldwide, making it the most successful business sedan in the world.

Source: Mercedes-Benz