Land Rover to produce 2WD and hybrid vehicles

Land Rover 2wd

The call for lighter, more economical and more environmentally friendly cars has been heard by all manufacturers and now even Land Rover are developing a lineup of cars to cater to this need. A future Range Rover model will be made with a 2wd option, as well as the standard 4wd. The car will go on sale in 2011 and has a CO2 emission level of just 130g/km. It aims to be the lightest and most fuel efficient Land Rover that has ever been made.

Land Rover to embrace green motoring

The idea is to give Land Rover customers more options, the company has always been a 4wd company but giving the buyer the option to get a 2wd with reduced weight and improved fuel efficiency simply opens up their vehicles to a larger market. Adding to this, Land Rover are working on their first ever Diesel Hybrid model which they are looking to make for 2012 and have on the road in 2013. This first prototype diesel hybrid will be called the "Range_e".