Land Cruiser Sales Total 10m


The Japanese automotive brand's Land Cruiser sales have passed 10 million units.

Toyota has surpassed an important milestone with its oldest continues nameplate. With a reputation for durability and unflinching off-road ability, especially when operating in the harshest possible conditions, Land Cruiser’s success has been the consequence of product engineering – instead of marketing.

It is one of the oldest continues model lines on sale, tracing its origin back to 1954. Toyota has shown tremendous intuition with the off-road vehicle market, by successfully diversifying the Land Cruiser model line. Land Cruiser has evolved to a unique product portfolio in the global off-road vehicle market. No other nameplate offers such diversity. Single- and double-cab bakkies, troop carriers and station wagons.

With its 70-Series, Toyota has the South African mining, geological exploration and game viewing vehicle market to itself. Prado present a premium ladder-frame SUV and for those who want the ultimate luxury Sandton-to-Sudan vehicle, there is the 200. Available in more than 170 different global markets, Land Cruiser is a rare instance of reputation being built and sustained without failing, over decades. The 10m unit sales satistics, achieved in the last quarter, in not surprising. 

 In the local market, it remains boundlessly popular too. The 70-Series regularly sells in three figures, whilst Toyota’s most expensive local vehicle is the Land Cruiser 200, which continues to service healthy demand.

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