Lamborghini Urus ST-X Due in October 2020

Lamborghini Urus St X

Lamborghini has confirmed an ultra-light Urus confirmed for Q4. See details below...

With the product portfolio expanding to include an SUV, Lamborghini has been able to conquer new markets and customers. This is especially true in geographies where its low-riding supercars are inappropriate for the available road infrastructure.

The Urus has presented Lamborghini with image and legacy issues. Purist followers of the brand questioned the presence of a four-passenger, high-riding, Lamborghini. And although Lamborghini’s engineers have ensured that the Urus has a driving intensity unlike most rival performance SUVs, there is no denying its size and weight.

Lamborghini has always prided itself at the rawness of its supercars, but providing agile driver feedback in an SUV that weighs more than 2-tonnes, is very difficult. A celebrated tradition of Lamborghini’s product maturity with each model it produces, is lightweighting.

The company’s Superleggera nameplate has been applied to its mid-engined supercars, denoted the lightest and most extreme versions. But how does lightweighting square with something such as the Urus: which is so large?

Last year Lamborghini revealed its Urus ST-X, which is supposed to be a Superleggera-type SUV. Only Lamborghini would be as committed and daring, to attempt an ultra-lightweight version of its luxury SUV.

Designed to eventually support a one-make racing series, the Urus ST-X tallies some impressive numbers and is very unique in its purpose.

No other premium or performance car brand has thought of delivering a lightweight version of its SUVs. As such the ST-X joins a proud lineage of lightweight Lamborghinis.

According to Lamborghini, the ST-X will be an amazing 550kg lighter than the current Urus. At a targeted production weight of only 1650kg, it will become by far the lightest high-performance SUV of all.

Although the 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 engine remains unchanged, delivering 478 kW and 845 Nm, a 25% reduction in vehicle mass should deliver dramatic benefits to acceleration, deceleration and cornering agility.

Lamborghini has confirmed that the production version of its ST-X will debut in Italy, during the last weekend of October 2020.

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