Jimny Bakkie is like a mini-tractor

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British company showcases an example of what is possible with the Jimny platform.

Suzuki must be aware that its Jimny would be even more popular and successful if there was a bakkie version.

Indications are that a five-door Jimny is being prototyped, and hopes remain of a loadbox version in future. But what if you can’t wait or deal with the uncertainly, and desire to have a single-cab Jimny now?

Well, your answer is to be found in the English countryside. More specifically, in Shropshire. This is where SuzukiJimnyPickUp’s David Johnson plies his trade, building single-cab conversions of the current and previous generation Jimny.

It might be strange to find that the world’s best single-cab Jimnys are built in England, where bakkies are generally unpopular. Johnson’s business is mainly targeted at farmers, who value the Jimmy’s small size and low-range 4x4 traction, in muddy conditions.

With its ladder-frame chassis and separate body, converting the Jimny into a single-cab bakkie is much easier than would be the case with a comparable unibody compact SUV or crossover. Johnson uses an aluminium and steel loadbox, which can be upgraded with a variety of canopy options or carrying rails.

There is no arguing that a single-cab Jimny looks terrific, its compact proportions and appearance being enhanced  - instead of diminished - with the bodywork being cut in half. Johnson adds cargo intrusion protection to the single cab's rear window, with the choice of either a grid or thicker bars. Mindful of the ventilation issues that single-cabs can suffer, on those cold winter farm mornings, the rear window also features a defogging function.

Although the Jimny’s factory 1.5-litre petrol engine is left unmodified, customers have a choice of enhanced off-roading components as part of their single-cab conversion. Ride height can be incrementally raised, from 25- to 75 mm, allowing for much larger tyres.

Perhaps the most striking specification that SuzukiJimnyPickUp’s offer, is a mini-tractor version. It rides on the highest 75 mm lift-kit and rolls huge volume compact-tractor tyres. You can even add dual-wheel capability at the rear, with special wheels and hubs, to turn your Jimny single-cab into a true Suzuki tractor of sorts.


Pricing for these Jimmy single cab conversions vary between an estimated R160 000 and R180 000.

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